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In [redacted], Dr. [redacted] Jr. chronicles the rise and fall of his father. At the height of his success, Dr. [redacted] Sr. was a pillar of his community, respected physician, and [redacted] state senator. Tragically, he became unwittingly addicted to prescription drugs and was sent to federal prison, where he was drugged as part of an illegal mind control experiment – likely sponsored by the CIA.

After his release from prison and until his death, Dr. [redacted] Sr. would be plagued by psychotic episodes and paranoia. Several times, he falsely accused his wife and son of having an affair while he was in prison. Once, the author was forced to pry a gun from his father’s hands so he would not take his own life.

Project MK-Ultra is, without a doubt, one of the greatest tarnishes on American history and I know your readers will find the [redacted] family’s personal story as compelling as I have.